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Natural Hair Care St. Louis, Mo.| DIVERSITY GALLERY | NATURAL HAIR CARE SPECIALIST  (314)-721-3361

  1. The African American hair, in its natural texture is coiled and would need lots of moisture. As a result, this type of hair would require less washing and shampooing than other hair types, like straight hair. Washing can be done one to three times a week with the use of the right hair products. It would be advised to avoid shampoos with sodium lauryl sulfate as ingredients.
    This chemical can dry out the hair and can damage it further. There are many misconceptions about African American hair. On the onset, it may look tough, coarse and unmanageable. However, this type of hair is actually soft and easily to manage when properly cared for. Some of the tips from top hairstylists who works with these type of hairs, are as follows: Tip 1 - Care The utmost care that would need attention, would be the combing of the hair. Improper combing or brushing can damage it and leave the hair broken. The right technique would be to comb it starting from the ends going up, while firmly holding the hair at the roots.
  2. This would make combing less painful and at the same time, remove the tangles easier. It is better to first comb the hair before washing to make it more manageable when dry. Tip 2 - Washing In washing, hair products with abrasive chemicals that dries the hair, should be avoided.
    Pat and squeeze dry the hair after washing, instead of rubbing it, to avoid frizzing.
  3. A hair dryer with diffuser can be used to style the hair and give it definition. Extreme caution however, should be use when using styling rods like flat irons and hot combs.
    Too much heat can dry out the hair shaft and further damage the hair follicles. Tip 2 - Styling Hair products like styling gels, that is especially formulated for African American hair can be used to firmly hold the natural hair. You may also use oil once or twice a week, if you see the hair style going flat. You can also apply wax or pomade to help bring it back to shape without need of shampooing.
  4. Hairstyles can ranged from Afro puffs, two strands twist, and banto knots, among many others. Protective hair styles are popular since they allow the hair to grow, in a stylish manner and with less daily maintenance.
  5. Tip 3 - Maintenance African American hair are more prone to frizzing than any other hair types. It is well advised, to avoid the use of chemical relaxants and heated styling rods to style it.
    The chemicals and heat may further damage the hair cuticle.This type of hair also needs more conditioners or oils. Among the products that can be used are: tea tree, jojoba and coconut oils, among many others.
  6. These products can be applied in their natural form or as petroleum based, directly into the hair and scalp area. Regular massaging of the scalp stimulates natural oil production. A scarf may also be used at night to protect moisture loss as well as keep the hair style in place.
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